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Automotive Claims Assistance | Arizona Collision Center
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Claims Assistance

Arizona Collision Center / Claims Assistance

Auto body paint jobRight after a serious car accident, you can expect some push and pull with your insurance company. They may suggest several auto body shops to do the repair on your car called Direct Repair Program shops (DRPs). These are shops that contract with auto insurers to do collision repairs at the lowest possible cost to the insurance companies.

The DRPs have severe limitations on not only labor costs but also on the cost and quality of the parts used in the auto body repair process. DRPs will use aftermarket parts which are essentially knockoffs of original equipment manufacturer parts (OEMs). The aftermarket parts are cheaper (Edmund’s calculates that aftermarket auto body parts are 60% cheaper than original manufacturer parts). Aftermarket parts can be fine or they can be of inferior quality and diminish the value of your car if installed.

Arizona Collision Center uses only OEM parts to ensure proper fit and original showroom quality.

As a consumer, you have rights in the collision repair process

It’s important to remember that you do not have to use the shop that the insurance company suggests. Tell the insurance company representative that you will be using Arizona Collision Center for your repairs. It is your right as a consumer to choose the repair shop you want.

The insurance company may also tell you that you need several estimates. You do not. One is enough. Insurance companies may also try to cap the cost of your repairs. They cannot. You have a right as a consumer to have your car repaired completely and correctly using the proper parts and materials.

Now that you know you’re in the driver’s seat regarding your repairs, here are some simple things to remember and steps to follow that will make your life easier and ultimately make the repair process go smoothly.

At Arizona Collision Center we pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart from other shops in how we process claims. For years our staff has been networking with global consultants and leading independent shops across the country to streamline how we identify damage, document damage, and process your vehicle repairs especially considering vehicle technology changing so rapidly and insurance carriers trying to control the repair process stronger than ever. Below is just a few steps that we take to insure a proper and safe vehicle repair for you!

  • Upon vehicle drop off, the registered owner signs a repair authorization allowing us to start the repair process.
  • Vehicle is them mapped upon original inspection with water based markers. Damage area in GREEN and prior damage area in RED.
  • Photo documentation is taken of related damage and prior damage areas prior to disassembly and attached to our electronic file.
  • A scan tool is used to insure the proper functionality of onboard systems to your vehicle that may not be noticeable on visual inspection.
  • Complete disassembly is performed including blend panels and access components by our qualified technicians.
  • Additional parts or damaged areas will be marked in YELLOW by our technicians to easily identify hidden damage.
  • Additional photos will be taken of all damaged parts and damaged area for proper documentation and billing assistance.
  • A detailed estimate is created that mirror the marked areas on the vehicle including any necessary hardware and materials necessary for repairs.
  • Any removed parts are carefully placed on parts carts and/ or racks for inspection as necessary.
  • Research is performed on what your vehicle manufacturer recommends in regards to your vehicle specific repair procedures.
  • Phone call is made to you explaining the extent of damage and process to put your vehicle back on the road safely.
  • All documentation is attached to our electronic file and submitted for approval so that we can start repairs.
  • All our staff is engaged in updating our electronic system to send real time updates to you during the repair process.
  • In process quality control checkpoints insure the proper repairs to your vehicle. This is not a last step function, it is our culture.

The rest is simply up to us to make this entire claims process simple and easy for you. All of our work is guaranteed for the life of the time you own the vehicle. Rest assured you and your vehicle are in safe hands.

After your car is repaired, file a Diminished Value claim

Diminished value is the loss in resale or market value that a car suffers after it has been repaired following an accident. Insurance companies will not tell you that by law you are entitled to file a claim for the diminished value of your car. A car that has suffered significant damage in an accident and is then repaired can lose 25% or more of its value.

The two requirements for filing a successful claim for diminished value are that the accident was found not to be your fault, and that the other driver is insured, since the claim is brought against the insurance company of the other driver.

As a consumer, you can also file a diminished value claim against a Direct Repair Program shop if you feel that your car wasn’t repaired properly or completely due to the limitation of their contract with the insurance company to provide low cost collision repairs.

The Tempe auto body repair experts at Arizona Collision Center can help you select a qualified auto appraiser to determine the diminished value of your car.

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