Hail Damage

Arizona Collision Center uses a wide range of hail damage repair techniques to get your vehicle back to looking its showroom best. The whims of Mother Nature can take a serious toll on the look and condition of any car, including the auto body and glass damage caused by hail. Dented body panels, cracked windows, damaged trim and seriously marred paintwork are often the frustrating after-effects of a hail storm, but no damage is too great for our Tempe, AZ auto body repair experts to reverse quickly and affordably.

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Paintless hail damage repair service

The auto body repair pros at Arizona Collision Center are fully trained in paintless dent repair methods that can make hail damage disappear. In most cases, no disassembly of the vehicle or repainting is needed. We work methodically to pull dents out from the car’s underside, leaving the paintwork undisturbed.

Conventional body repair of hail-damaged cars

There are some types of hail damage that do not lend themselves to paintless dent repair, such as very deep dents, dents in creases of the body, dents close to panel edging and dents that are also characterized by cracking paint. In such circumstances, traditional techniques for repairing auto bodies will be required. Our staff of expert techs can replace or repair any body panel damaged by hail and repaint the impacted areas for a seamlessly perfect finish. Cars undergoing conventional repair processes may also need to have accessories and trim repaired or replaced, including mirrors, grille pieces and moldings.

We can restore any make or model to like-new condition, after even the worst of hail storms.

Glass repair after hail damage

Though it may be true that when most people think of hail storm car damage, they think of dings, dents and cracked paint, chipped and broken glass can also present serious problems. Seemingly small flaws in your glass can turn into hazardous cracks that get in the way of your vision and make safe driving a challenge. Fortunately, our team of repair technicians has the know-how and experience to get your glass replaced fast and to factory standards. Taking prompt action to repair broken auto glass can save you from experiencing costly window seal failures and leaks in the future.

Tempe, Arizona hail damage experts

Every one of us is vulnerable to the unpredictability of weather, and our cars often bear the brunt of surprise hail storms that pop up seemingly out of the blue. The good news is that hail damage can be quickly remedied by the Arizona Collision Center auto repair team. No matter if your car requires paintless dent repair, conventional auto body work or some simple glass replacement, we have what it takes to provide you with the highest level of service.

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