6 Factors in Choosing a Phoenix Body Shop

Choosing the Right Body Shop Eventually, everyone will have to take their car into a body shop. But all auto body shops are not created equal! And the last thing you want to do is waste your money on a shop that isn’t going to put your needs first. If you’re in the Phoenix and […]
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10 Features in a Car that Enhance Driving Safety

auto collision safety features

You’re cruising down the highway, or one of the main streets in Phoenix, and you notice several drivers not paying attention to the other vehicles who share the same roads as them. We see this every day! Some run red lights, some pull out in front of others, some run stop signs, and some come […]
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Freeze Frame Data May Help Shops, Insurers, & OEM’s

freeze frame data for collision repair shops

There may be new information that might just help auto collision shops, auto insurers and OEM’s. Enter Freeze Frame Auto Data. So what is FFAD? Freeze Frame Auto Data – When an emission related diagnostic code is stored real time data called freeze frame is recorded. It means you can see the actual running parameters […]
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There have been many new developments in regards to Tempe collision repairs lately and the public needs to be aware of how they are affected. Three-C body shop owner Bob Juniper and Nick Orso’s Body Shop and Service Center President Mike Orso identify some issues within the industry and some challenges that should be considered. […]
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Some Mississippi drivers could see a rate increase as high as 20 percent or more. The insurance companies claim that it is because they are paying out more claims from a growing number of collisions in Mississippi. The insurance companies claim that most of cost is also coming from increased labor prices. They are actually […]
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Tempe Collision Repair Pros Interested In NY “Textalyzer” Proposal


Tempe collision repair professionals know just how unwise it is, even with a “foolproof” plan, to withhold information from insurers and law enforcement after an accident. An intriguing proposal making rounds in the New York state legislature could make lying about texting and driving particularly futile. Lawmakers and law enforcement personnel know the roadside test […]
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Tempe Collision Repair Salutes NHTSA’s Twitter Assault On Texting & Driving


Thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Tempe collision repair professionals have finally seen something dumber than the practice of texting while driving: people who take to Twitter to confess to texting and driving. Let’s ponder this for a moment: you’re a motorist who engages in one of the most dangerous, perfectly avoidable […]
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Tempe Auto Body Repair Pros Wonder At All-Wood Toyota Concept


Would the recently previewed (almost) all-wood-everything Toyota Setsuna concept roadster even call for an auto body repair technician’s expertise following an accident? Or would a master carpenter somehow be cheaper and more appropriate? The latest fruit to fall from the minds of Toyota chief engineer Kenji Tsuji and znug design’s Kota Nezu made its debut […]
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Tempe Auto Body Repair Pros Advise Against Combining Snapchat, 100+ MPH Speeding


Tempe auto body repair technicians have surveyed the wreckages of enough vehicles broken by distracted driving to know that social media and the drivers seat don’t mix under the safest of circumstances. That being said, an impending lawsuit against Snapchat following a tragic highway car crash suggests that a selfie filter designed to brag up […]
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