Tempe Body Shop praises ASU Grads

Tempe Body Shop ASU Graduation

As the Spring 2014 ASU graduation exercises near, the staff and management of your trusted locally owned Tempe body shop have taken some to reflect on what this graduating class can look ahead and face head-on with confidence in what they’re taking away along with their hard-earned degrees. The class that will take center-stage during […]
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Tempe Body Shop Talks About Tempe General Plan

Tempe Sunset

The Tempe General Plan’s ballot passage this past week affirmed our municipal leadership’s guiding quality that gives meaning and merit to its actions: our leaders listen, and in turn, the people lent them their confidence – the staff and management of your friendly Tempe Body Shop included. Early returns Tuesday counted 57 percent of voters […]
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Obamacare’s Potential to Trim Tempe’s Auto Insurance Premiums

The Tempe collision repair and auto insurance communities respectively have become acutely aware of a potential unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act, more casually known as “Obamacare”: a possible slimming-down of many auto insurance premiums. Recently released conclusions from Chicago law firm for medical malfeasance and nonprofit Rand Corp.’s study of Obamacare’s far-reaching impact […]
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Collision Casualty Leads to Insurance Reforms in Arizona Ride-Sharing Market

Uber photo

Ride-sharing services are increasingly in-vogue among commuters in the United States and Canada’s larger metropolitan areas. As commuters pile in together in increasing numbers, a recent tragedy has become the catalyst for re-examining collision insurance requirements amid the fledgling industry and has Tempe body shops examining the details. Following six-year-old Sofia Liu’s New Year’s Day […]
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Tucson today, Tempe tomorrow? AZ drivers welcome virtual insurance quotes

Photo 12

Tempe Collision Repair Shop Talks About Insurance Research One way or another, the business of insurance is always a matter of time. Consider this fun fact: Tempe is bustling city where an accident only takes a moment to cause personal upheaval. Aside even from the surrounding Phoenix area’s already perpetual motion surrounding and passing through […]
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Tempe Small Businesses Now Eligible for Custom Auto Insurance Rates


If you own a small local business, think of us as more than Tempe collision repair professionals. As seriously as we take our role in keeping Tempe cars and trucks safely on the road and in pristine condition, we share the same everyday needs and concerns as all other locally owned enterprises. We know from […]
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Tempe Collision & Body Shop Talks High Mileage Cars

HOW TO BUY A HIGH-MILEAGE CAR WISELY (AND SAFELY) Many auto buyers might not think of a vehicle’s mileage and the welfare of its bodywork as existing hand-in-hand. A Tempe collision repair shop in the know will know better. You see, we’re the business of servicing Tempe’s collision repair needs, but there’s more to it. […]
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Tempe Collision Repair Shop Explains Best Strategy for Filing An Auto-Theft Insurance Claim

tempe auto theft asu

Ordinarily, Tempe auto insurance policyholders deal with their providers most often when collision repair, personal injury or physical damage expenses arise on covered vehicles. In others, insurance claims sometimes have to back customers when their vehicles are parked where the owner left them one moment, and then gone in 60 seconds the next. Since theft […]
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Tempe Body Shop Agrees Physical-Damage Auto Insurance Claims Demand Details

damaged bumpers on two cars

Automobile accidents can be harrowing things at their worst, even without assessing auto body damage on the spot. Commuting throughout Tempe can be a hair-raising experience, between ASU traffic and commuters passing through while hustling into, out of, and around the Valley of the Sun. A collision in the midst of the usual chaos only […]
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Tempe Collision Repair Shop and Valley Metro Changes

tempe collision repair valley metro

TEMPE LEADERS SEEK INPUT FOR VALLEY METRO SERVICE CHANGES Tempe’s Valley Metro transportation services are encouraging citizen feedback to direct proposed policy and service changes set to begin on Jan. 27, 2014. As a means of gauging response to the regional transit system’s shifts in how it refines its support to the East Valley’s residents, […]
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